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Training courses online and in person

The Gestalt Africa Leadership Program is our flagship offering – a 12 month immersion in afrocentric Gestalt practice. We also run 2 day Introduction to Gestalt courses and various masterclasses and focused workshops.

Gestalt is the primary theoretical model underpinning our training programmes, but we also incorporate Emotional Intelligence, Systems theory, Field theory, Adult Learning theory, Complexity theory and Psychological theories applied to workplace systems e.g. transactional analysis, trauma theory and constructive development theory.

Gestalt Africa Leadership Programme

The GA Leadership Programme is a 12 month immersion in Afrocentric Gestalt OD for leaders, facilitators, coaches and consultants. The programme consists of 7 modules, 3 of which are residential (in Cape Town, Accra and Mombassa) and will provide participants with over 200 hours of contact time.  

The programme covers the fundamentals of working with Gestalt in organisations, provides opportunities to experience working with individuals, teams, organisations and large systems, and actively promotes the establishment of relationships between leaders and practitioners across the continent. This is the cornerstone of our aspiration to create a community of like minded professionals in Africa.

Course dates for cohort 1

  • 22 October 2023 – 27 October 2024
  • Course dates for cohort 2: January 2025 to December 2025

Introduction to Gestalt Course

Our 2 day introductory programme is the entry point to all of our more in-depth courses. It’s a highly experiential, practical programme grounded in well established theory, where participants learn tangible skills that can immediately be applied in the workplace.

The course covers the fundamentals of Gestalt in organisations, introduces four primary roles (being, reflecting, theorising, acting), and provides opportunity to practice skills in these areas to increase effective management of self and others. The course is run online and in person.

Course dates

  • 11-12, April 2024
  • 6-7, June 2024
  • 5-6, September 2024

Focus Courses

These are 1 or 2 day events covering specific topics, e.g. Working with Resistance, Gestalt Facilitation Skills, and Flourishing in/ with Complexity.

Working with Resistance

23 May 2024

This masterclass explores the psychology of resistance and associated behaviours, and provides insights on how to effectively respond to resistance in individuals and teams. By reframing resistance as a force in a different direction, participants learn to harness the inherent energy, using it to build stronger coalitions and ensuring change can take place in a sustainable and satisfying way.

The masterclass uses approaches from Gestalt psychology, therapy and GestaltOD to work with resistance from the perspective of a leader or intervener (consultant, coach, trusted advisor). It’s offered to those who have completed the introductory course or other Gestalt OD programs.

Gestalt Facilitation

26 & 27 July

A facilitator “contributes structure and process to interactions so groups are able to function effectively and make high-quality decisions.” (Ingrid Bens, 2012).  This is certainly a skill to develop as our world becomes ever more complex! Gestalt Facilitation offers a unique approach to the “structure and process” of facilitation. This focus course explores this uniqueness. You will leave the course with greater energy and skills for your facilitation practice.

We offer training opportunities both online and in person